João R. Campos

Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics Engineering, Universtiy of Coimbra

Since 2016 I've been working as a researcher with the Evolutionary and Complex Systems Group (ECOS) at the Centre for Informatics and Systems (CISUC). I've received my Masters Degree in 2017 and enrolled in the doctoral program at the Department of Informatics Engineering soon after, within the context of both ECOS and the Software and Systems Engineering (SSE). My Ph.D. research was interdisciplinary, exploring the use of advanced Machine Learning (ML) to support the development of predictive models for Online Failure Prediction (OFP).

In 2020 I started teaching as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Coimbra.

My main research interests are focused on Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, Machine Learning, and Dependable and Secure Computing. Recently I have also started researching the use of advanced ML techniques to support the development of Dependable Autonomous Systems. Over the years I have participated in various international projects, mainly focusing on the interection between ML and Dependability.

If you are interested and would like to work with us on any of these subjects send me an email, we usually have various open calls for research.


Curriculum Vitae and Publications

You can find the complete list of my publications and other relevant CV details at CIENCIA VITAE or at ORCID


Academic Track

I started working in the private sector while I was still in the second year of my bachelor. Nonetheless, if anything, working professionally provided me a different perspective regarding the need to continue my studies. As such, I received my Bachelors' Degree in 2010 from the Coimbra Institute of Engineering, and in 2011 I enrolled in a specialized course of two years, in eCommerce. I then enrolled in a master in Informatics Engineering with a specialization in Intelligent Systems at the University of Coimbra. After finishing it in 2017 I enrolled in the doctoral program at full-time, on the subject of advanced Online Failure Prediction (OFP) through Machine Learning (ML), which I submmited in 2021.

Since 2020 I have also started teaching as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics Engineering of the University of Coimbra.

Web Software Developer

For almost 10 years I worked as a software engineer for web systems, from client management to requirements and development. This provided me with a broad experience in the private sector, as well and instilled me the importance of good practices, the need for a cohesive team, the tools to objectively manage time and goals.

All these tools I acquired throughout the years allow me to conduct my research in an effective and productive fashion, which will hopefully lead to a fulfilling and significant Ph.D.